My name is ZHAO Yongwei (赵永威). I am a postgrad student at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. My advisor is Prof. XU Zhiwei. Starting from 2015, I joined the research group of intelligence processor, led by Prof. CHEN Yunji and Prof. CHEN Tianshi. I have served as a software engineer in Cambricon for several years and returned to scientific research in 2018.

Until I joined a real research group, I was widely known as “Aean” in World of Warcraft communities as a theorycrafter. The name is abbreviated from “Aeanderine”, which is one of my role-playing character in the game. I have contributed many theories, simulators, game-guides to the community, mostly published at National Geography of Azeroth. I did my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at Huazhong University of Science and Technology during 2011 ~ 2015. Regardless of people’s prejudice, I presented my theory about game policy optimizing as my undergraduate thesis, since I believe it is the genuine work which I have dedicated to for several years.

BTW, at this moment I am a big anti-fan of Blizzard Entertainment. I felt extremely offended and fooled and will not pay a cent to them anymore.

Today I am trying to take advantages of my prior works, to solve problems in the analysis of new architectures. My interests are including neural accelerator architectures, and artificial intelligence in games. Benefit from the experience of IreCore, I have a strong ability to build extremely fast simulators to implement a quick model of my work or to re-implement other’s works, which has been a significant advantage for my research.

I am an audiophile, a self-teaching beginner of piano performance and composing, and a fan of J. S. Bach. I own a Senheisser HD800 headphone, an Oppo PM-2 headphone, a Prismsound Lyra 2 interface, a Goldwave GAX amplifier, and a Dexibell VIVO P7 digital piano.


I am one of the two leading coders of the closed-source project NGPF, the compiler backend of Cambricon products. The project was started in September 2016 with my partner WANG Yuqing. We cooperated the first system design and implemented it in 3 months. WANG left the project group in June 2017 thus I took on the system design since then. I left the group in mid-2018, by the time when the project group has grown to 60+ engineers and independently became a new department of Cambricon Ltd. The system is still shipping with the newest products.


Legacy Projects

I always create pet projects for my own inspiration and feel happy to share them with you. These pets were built earlier but still memorable for me:

Learn more on my GitHub.

About my pages…

This blog is not for academic or serious things. I don’t want to be so serious…

It is just a memo or portfolio for my thoughts and works, sometimes even a common diary.