Comments are Opened!

As we all know, Jekyll is a static page building system. My blog lost the ability to recieve comments since I abbandoned Wordpress. And finally, it is back!

I have implemented a simple comment board with iframes. The backend is hosted on Server Nighthaven. Gravatar is used to show avatar according to email, and Akismet is used to filter spams.

I have little knowledge of building a stylesheet for pages so it looks a little bit … shoddy.

Try it out.

Chopin Funeral March

I upgraded my piano to a Dexibell VIVO P7 recently. The more realistic keyboard action of the new piano is harder to control, and out of my level though.

I have made a bunch of mistakes in this recording, but it still sounds ok to me, so I just published it as is.

Nelf Name Generator V3

Research progress in deep learning has slowed down in last 2 years. I decide to try some classical models.

Although the quality of V2 (Wasserstein GAN Based) is pretty good, it is still hard to be compiled along with a bloated deep learning framework into a mini fan game. This time I would try to use a model that are good with quality, but easy to be implemented without frameworks, with a light generating cost.

I selected Hidden Markov Model this time. The code (both training and generating / evaluating), dataset and pretrained models have been uploaded to GitHub.

Online service is also available at Server Nighthaven.

More races other than nelf are on the way.

IRIS String BGM Cover

I am trying to cover a string BGM (深藏希望的悲伤, “The Grief with Deep Hope”) I encountered in a gal game (IRIS), which is very impressive to me.

The original sound track is here.


I recorded the playback sound of the covering score.

National Anthem of USSR

A piano recording from my dorm XD

I hope you enjoy it.